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Not so keen on the idea that some of that magic could be used for evil. Sometimes life can seem small and in some ways repetitive how often can you fold laundry, wash dishes, grocery shop before it becomes hard to find the fun in the chore but having a fun book to escape into at the end of the day gives me something to consider while doing less than intellectually challenging chores.

Could magic really be out there? Does it hurt to pretend sometimes that it is? The adventure that Destiny and Jesse go on takes them to numerous states, two countries and even the world of Faeries. This was a fun romance to escape into.

A Highlander’s Destiny

Feb 28, Robin Priddy rated it really liked it. When Destiny Noble's sister disappears the police belives she is just another runaway. But Destiny knows better. She has seen her sister in a dream vision. Destiny quits her job and joins a traveling fair as a gypsy fourtune-teller. Destiny gets a dream about Coryell Enterprise. This is a company that helps rescure people.

She contacts them for help finding her sister before it is too late. Jesse Coryell is part fae, his father owns Coryell Enterprise and he works for him. He has seen the worst When Destiny Noble's sister disappears the police belives she is just another runaway. He has seen the worst mankind has to offer. He is restless and does not know the reason why. It is time for him to find his soulmate, his destiny. When he came upon Destiny's request for help finding her sister, something urges him to help her.


When Jesse arrives at the traveling fair, he sees Destiny being forced into a car by a Nuadian Fae. They are trying to kidnap any human with Fae blood. They belive they can use these people to open a gateway back to their home. Jesse traine with the Elite Guard in the Realm of Faerie so he knows what he is doing. Destiny does not want to tell Jesse how she is getting her information, she is worried he will think she is nuts. Destiny will have to trust Jesse with her secert in order for them to find her sister. From the first moment they meet, there was a spark between the two of them that can not be denied.

This is the fifth of Ms Mayhue's Daughters of the Glen series. Since the first book, Thirty Nights with a Highlander, this series keeps getting better and better. The adventure and romance makes this a hard book to put down. You keep wanting to know what is going to happen next. This is a great series and I tell everyone I know to read these books. Look for the next installment, A Highlander's Homecoming.

Loved this book! Loved that Jesse got his own story!

There's some tough subject matter here She doesn't dwell on what might have or did happen - she gives us enough detail to understand the terror that Leah and even Destiny faces. It's interesting that Adira gets a spotlight, along with Severan's two henchmen, Flynn and Devlin. We get another possible explanation for vampires from this author; in this case, Nuadian Fae who Loved this book! We get another possible explanation for vampires from this author; in this case, Nuadian Fae who use the blood of Mortals to extend their powers in this world, since they can't return to Faerie.

Adira learns that blood with Fae in it extends the special abilities that person has to her But the downside is that it makes the Nuadian Fae who drinks the blood susceptible to violence - both able to commit it personally and to have it committed against them; in other words, they can kill and be killed or hurt. Destiny is a brave young woman. She and Leah have had a weird upbringing, and they've shunned anything smacking of magic or faeries. Their mother told them their father was Fae, and that he left their family for their protection.

All the girls know is that their 60s hippie mother Rainbow lost it after their father left; they're not sure that the stories she told about True Love and faeries aren't the product of her depression and alcohol addiction.

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But when Leah is taken, Destiny turns to Coryell Enterprises when no one else will help her track down her sister. Jesse has been feeling out of it, and his niece, Rosie, tells him he needs to find his Destiny. So when Jesse sees Destiny's letter, her name jumps out at him. And he pursues the case on his own. What follows is a harrowing, suspenseful tale of what we've come to expect from this series: True Love, the Fae, magic, and yes, evil Fae Nuadian Fae.

I realize they both write what is considered to be formula romance, but what makes formula romance still have fans after all these years is the original styles and characters that each author brings to the genre, to have one so closely mimic another just threw off the whole book for me.

In this novel it almost feels as if the writer has walked away from her initial visions in order to follow trends. If I had any intention of giving the writer the benefit of doubt about trying to follow the vampire craze so popular in fiction, it was dashed when she went so far as to claim the vampire legend actually came from ancient fairies who had drunk the blood of humans to gain powers.

Destiny had her priorities all sorts of messed up in this novel in my opinion.

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The characters were fairly well developed but there was a lot more focus on plot in this novel than characters. I almost feel as more effort went into developing secondary characters like the villain Adira than the primary characters of Jesse and Destiny. She did manage some nice set ups for future titles so I do plan to continue reading the series but not with as much excitement as I had before reading this novel. Mar 02, Ria F rated it liked it. Not as good as the previous 4 books, not a fan of the weepy helpless female.

Mar 12, Susan Ikin rated it it was amazing. Some interesting concepts in this one, although I am not sure about the return of a character previously thought to be vanquished However, it provides avenues for a couple of further good stories, so I am looking forward to those as well. Jan 27, Audrey rated it liked it. It's hard to explain why, but this book really just didn't do it for me. I enjoyed reading it, for the most part, and there was suspense and plot twists galore, but in the end it mostly left me indifferent.

I know it was a formula romance, but even keeping that in mind, everything just seemed so.

Highlander's Stolen Destiny by Alisa Adams

This could be because I've just read too many formula romances lately, but putting that aside, I still had quite a few problems with this book. There were faeries, which I thoug It's hard to explain why, but this book really just didn't do it for me. There were faeries, which I thought I would love, but really, the faeries might as well have been human for all the fairy action going on in the book. I haven't read many books about faeries, though, so maybe this is always the case?

Destiny, the heroine, seemed like a cool girl, except that her actions seemed to contradict all of the things she thought about herself.

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Then there was the love story between Destiny and Jesse, which would have been sweet, except that it was totally unbelievable. These two people, both completely weary of love, both supposedly with these huge iron cases around their hearts, suddenly miraculously falling in love. I just didn't buy it. Which made it especially hard for me to "buy" the rest of the story.

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Of course, Destiny and Jesse were fun together, and the way their interactions definitely got a laugh out of me on more than one basis. I guess I should say now that this is the fifth book in the series. And that I haven't read any of the other ones. One of the things I liked about it was that I didn't feel lost at all; I never once felt like I might have missed something in one of the previous books. The story definitely stood on its own, and the story itself was quite exciting and intriguing. Some of the twists Mayhue weaved into the mix were unexpected and delightful.