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Calendar of hearings. Delivery of judgments. Statistical reports. Apply to the Court. How to make a valid application. How to lodge an application. Procedure before the ECHR. I've just found my way to this page after discovering this user has deleted the list of Presidents of York University Students' Union without any explination at all.

Election procedure and candidate biographies -

I'm going to revert the changes and wait for an expliantion as to why such information should be removed from wikipedia. Surely this encyclopaedia is 'big' enough to be a 'specialist encyclopaedia' as opposed to being limited to a 'general encyclopaeia' in any field where the knowledge is available? Now, thinking of the average user, this information may get in the way if it's in the middle of the main students' union article, but if it's moved to a separate 'List of Jamse , 12 December UTC.

See comments above under the heading "University of Nottingham Students' Union". I think we could use this as an opportunity to improve the situation. I disagree with throwing the information away for the reasons I've stated above but can see that in some cases the articles could be made clearer if the information were moved to a separate 'List of I don't see what's wrong in listing a current leaders in key positions only i. I quite like the idea of having a sperate List of This conform to the standard Wikipedia behaviour of having a List of page for things that people might want to look up, but can get in the way of the article.

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Regarding whether current sabbs are relevent to the article. They are generally morally, and legally responsible for the union. If it get sued as was threaten to by a senior member recently in Edinburgh , the current officer can go down with it. Of course, they also run the place, so what better place to mention who they are than in an article on the union itself?

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Bear in mind that 15 years down the line those people could be extremely famous and we may never know where to look for their sleezy past because it was deleted before they ever had a chance to be notable. The only people who could benefit from such a thing would be, erm, them the hacks Agreed with Mpntod.

Experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students at Cambridge University

Moreover, such information is surely encyclopedic - you'd find information on the executive officers, directors and top management in an entry for a company or any other organisation worthy of its own page, so why not a Student Union? IMO, being on the Union exec does not in any way equate to being on the board of a multi-million multi-national company.