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One of the great moments of the film comes when we hear the endless screeching of the coal conveyor belts offscreen and see the images of Berlin by night, illuminated as bright as day. The Land of Energy is everywhere. Diejenigen, die das Land aus seiner Isolation befreien wollten, erhoben ihre Stimme. Aus der Euphorie des Aufbegehrens heraus wurde das Web 2.

Und dann das Desaster. Die Aufnahmen der Handykameras tragen nun einen anderen Charakter.

Die Angst ist ins Material eingebrannt. Eine Trauerarbeit.

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Aber auch ein verzweifelter Appell. For the first time, there were public discussions between the young and the old in the streets of Tehran. Those who wanted to liberate the country from its isolation raised their voices. Television broadcast a debate between Ahmadinejad and his opponent Mussawi. For one brief historical moment a peaceful revolution seemed possible.

Image production is vital — and the new media make it possible even where foreign journalists are banned. The euphoria of the uprising turned Web 2. Films recorded on mobile phones, trembling in the hands of those who secretly filmed from windows, took on a different character. An anonymous female filmmaker reconstructs the events of using only Youtube material and e-mails.

He is creating video works for various German theatres. Etwa 9,5 Millionen konsumieren Alkohol in gesundheitlich riskanter Form. The numbers are hardly surprising.

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According to the Federal Ministry of Health, 1. About 9. But nobody feels concerned.

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An interior monologue provides the framework around which several protagonists are grouped in atmospheric settings: his amazingly frank mother, a hospitalised addiction patient, a young writer, and an old man whom decades of alcohol abuse have brought to a point where only the nursing service stands between him and dereliction. Pamela Yates was born and raised in the Appalachian coal-mining region of Pennsylvania but ran away to live in New York City at age fifteen. She studied directing at New York University and co-founded Skylight Pictures with Peter Kinoy , a production company focusing on social and political issues.

Filmography Selection : State of Fear.

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The Truth about Terrorism , The Reckoning. The Battle for the International Criminal Court Only a few cases are known where a film rose above mere documentation to become an actor in the political arena. When Pamela Yates travelled to Guatemala in to make a documentary about a war largely ignored by the global public, she had no idea of this dimension. Ebooks and Manuals

Her research soon led her to the testimonies of the Maya genocide. The viewing process turns into a thrilling journey back to the events around a military dictatorship supported by the US. Ashamed of her own government, Yates sneaked into the crowd of international journalists. Even today she encounters a wall of silence; even today the role of the US government has not been fully investigated. Sagi Bornstein was born in He has been working as an editor and director for television, doing commercials, image campaigns, entertainment programmes and documentaries.

Dabei hat Franz Kafka seinen letzten Willen eindeutig formuliert. Die Vermarktung des Schriftstellers von Weltruhm nimmt ihren Lauf. Hier beginnt der Streit ums Erbe. Noch ist der Prozess offen. And Franz Kafka stated his last will very clearly. After Kafka died in , Brod decided differently and started to publish most of the material in his new home in Palestine.

It was the first step in the commercialisation of the world-renowned writer. This is where the dispute started, for now papers worth millions of dollars were stored in her humid apartment inhabited by dozens of cats. And who owns the writings today? A fast paced film which uses investigative methods to follow all clues. The process is still going on. G zdf. Eric Black is working as a cinematographer, photographer and director in Berlin. Born in Columbus, Ohio, in , he studied photography, anthropology and economics at the University of California before attending film classes at San Francisco State University from where he graduated in Born in St.

Ingbert, Saarland, in , Frauke Sandig studied German language and literature studies, theatre studies and philosophy in Erlangen. In she was part of the DOK Leipzig jury. Im tiefblauen Dunst schimmern die Berge am See. Picturesque clouds float across the sky. The mountains by the lake shimmer in the deep blue mist.

Mayan nature, where gods live in the jungle trees and the underworld rules among their roots, is charged with magic. The idyll crumbles only in the course of the film. Near a temple a young Maya ponders the decline of his culture. The breakdown will not be caused by the new Maya calendar that will soon begin, but by the destruction of nature wreaked by gold mines and genetically altered corn.

Roser Corella worked as a reporter for both television and newspapers.

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Moral and Corella have been collaborating on a number of documentaries for several organizations, shooting in Lebanon, Mozambique and Senegal. Upon graduating from his home town university, Alfonso Moral born in Valladolid in started working as a staff photographer for the Spanish newspaper El Norte del Castiliano. Subsequently, moving to Syria, he began focusing on the Middle East. His acclaimed photographs from this region have been published in El Pais and Newsweek amongst other print media. Arbeitsalltag in Dhaka, der Hauptstadt von Bangladesch.

Auch eine Frau mit Baby vor dem Bauch hockt auf dem Boden und macht dort nichts als Steine zu zerhacken. The bricks are made by a few men who kneel on the ground, press clay into moulds and overturn them. There is also a woman with a baby tied to her belly who squats on the ground and does nothing but pound stones to pieces.

The film uses reduced depth of field to give a face to the people caught in a dehumanising struggle for survival. In he founded the production company Yellow Cake Films. They used industrial sabotage, usually arson, to harm companies which destroy living creatures and nature in general: a ski resort, a slaughterhouse, a timber company. But when it comes to property, the system has no sense of humour.

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Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman use intimate talks with McGowan and his fellow campaigners, interviews with his persecutors and spectacular archive footage to demonstrate graphically that well-adjusted middle-class kids like McGowan were radicalised and criminalised only by the harshness and brutality of the system. He has been working for Sokurov in many different positions: as camera assistant, editor and assistant director as well as co-ordinating retrospectives of his work and editing a collection of his films. Was bringt den St. Sokurov betrachtet ihren Alltag mit einem milden, beinahe sentimentalen Blick.

Der Mullah ruft zum Gebet, aber niemand kommt. Nun unterscheidet sie sich in nichts mehr von ihnen. Two tired soldiers hang around their checkpoint at the border of the Autonomous Kurdish Region in Iraq, watching television. Petersburg to this godforsaken area? Sokurov contemplates her daily routine with a mild, almost sentimental eye, lingering on a very simple life: day by day a taciturn old woman patiently kneads dough for countless loaves of bread. The mud-walled house nestles against the mountain like a cave. The Mullah calls for prayers but nobody comes. When Sveta came to Basra, the women in their burkas looked like cows to her from a distance.