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After doing this several times, I was convinced that the information presented passed. As an example, in the Respiratory System chapter, under the topic of conjunctivitis, herbal medicines are presented. Eyebright Euphrasia spp. The 2-paragraph description covers the historical uses of eyebright, the parts of the plant used, the active constituents, medicinal actions of the plant, and a summary of a clinical trial illustrating its effect for conjunctivitis.

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On the preceding page, the conclusion of diet and selected nutrients are presented for conjunctivitis. This bears mention, as there is a sample daily diet for conjunctivitis as there is for all conditions covered. Season with freshly ground pepper. Sardines provide a good source of protein and essential fatty acids. Onion has a specific affinity for the respiratory system, being decongestant in nature.

Testing the book further, I looked up certain challenging conditions, like endometriosis, to see how the author addressed them. The treatise on endometriosis spans 24 pages.

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The condition is explained brilliantly from etiological and pathophysiological perspectives. The diagnostic section covers every angle of diagnosis succinctly. The therapeutic section addresses the seriousness of the condition and the role for integrative management, and then covers a variety of naturopathic treatments in sufficient detail to gauge their relative reliability and utility. The book passed all the tests I threw its way.

However, there are a couple areas in which the book falls short. The author occasionally presents information authoritatively, but without scientific verification—and this stands out in an otherwise well-evidenced text. Another example occurs within the therapeutic section, which includes therapies ostensibly to improve the health of the patient as opposed to treating the tumor , but nonetheless, includes therapies whose efficacy is questionable at best.

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Notably, the 4 diets described in detail are the macrobiotic, Budwig, Gerson, and dietary restriction diets, despite the paucity of evidence to support these diets. Subsequent therapeutic information is presented more solidly in an evidence-based manner. Fortunately, the bulk of the therapeutic information covered in this voluminous book is presented in a scientifically sound and referenced manner. Most recommendations include the nature and type of evidence to support their use.

Another shortcoming is the lack of case management guidance. The therapies are presented as a smorgasbord of options without a clearly defined hierarchy or long-term management guidance. The author may have intentionally avoided case management guidelines in order to prevent the book from becoming a textbook of protocols that would be in direct contradiction to one of the core principles of naturopathy: treating each person individually.

Additionally, the book is written for students and practitioners, who, with discerning minds, should be able to extract the information that seems most appropriate and indicated for the patient at hand. Overall, I give this book a solid thumbs up. It is an exhaustive resource that fits the bill of being a practical resource of repute and utility.

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