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Journeys with Eileen Diane Photos, travel, armchair travel, cat tales, random thoughts. Lincoln Pet Culture creating an animal welfare village for pet lovers through educational articles, profiles, and tributes. Here's How It Happened. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Post to Cancel. Things are unsettled at Finley Memorial Zoo. Animal rights activists who want the elephants sent to a sanctuary are picketing the zoo.

A zoo van is stolen along with the body of Rajah, a tiger, which had died that was in the van. Then two turtles disappear from an exhibit. Iris and her friends speculate but no one can come up with an answer. Iris is nominated by her friends to find the underlying cause of the murder of Kevin Wallace and discover who is behind the incidents at the zoo. Did Not Survive gives readers an inside look at life from the eyes of zoo employees and information about the lengths that some animal rights activists will go to whether they are right or wrong.

The mystery presented in Did Not Survive is a good one and the setting unusual. The author worked as a zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo for twelve years and is a life-long environmentalist.

Did Not Survive: A Zoo Mystery

Feb 05, Rogue Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-us-washington , ashland-mystery So here's the thing I'm in a Monk mood. What I didn't realize was how good it would be. You've got the dead body thing of course it's a mystery and all these people circling about the event and its resolution. But then there's the mystery of all these animals!

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Iris Oakley is 6 months pregnant So here's the thing I'm in a Monk mood. Iris Oakley is 6 months pregnant and feeling it. She's an animal handler at the Findley Zoo in Vancouver, Washinton, and it's no easy job for anyone much less someone in the midst of a 9 month gestation period. Unlike many protags who've experienced disaster, Iris isn't broken - she's hopeful, social and looking toward the future. She's also smart, observant and motivated. The zoo is sort of a mess because of funding shortages, personnel problems, and ACKK!! What an interesting, delightful read. Sure I knew about the companion animal thing, but I had no idea of the individual personalities and social behavior of elephants - Littlewood describes a pair who have formed a 20 year relationship of caring.

And also the complexities of scoping one of these prehistoric animals! Or the careful attention you'd give to a dying tiger, staying well away from those huge, clawed paws. Or working in the Penguitarium, stuffing vitamins into fish gills to fool the penguins, all with names of course. Ann Littlewood's Zoo Mysteries - highly recommended! I can't wait to meet her at Bookwagon on Friday April 13, at 6pm.

Jun 19, Laura de Leon rated it really liked it Shelves: review-copy , mystery , nook , cozy-mystery , netgalley. Maybe more of a 3. This is a cozy mystery set in a zoo. The primary characters are all employees or residents the elephants play a major role in the action. To me, the zoo was an unusual and entertaining setting, and I enjoyed the behind the scenes look-- parti Maybe more of a 3.

To me, the zoo was an unusual and entertaining setting, and I enjoyed the behind the scenes look-- particularly at the new baby cloud leopards. The mystery itself was interesting, and it was one where I didn't even bother trying to figure out Who Dunnit.

The Secret Zoo: The Final Fight

I think the information you needed was there if you like to play along. As is usually the case for me, the strength of a cozy is in the characters. I felt I got to know Iris the protagonist fairly well. She's a zoo-keeper, working with the birds because her pregnancy means the big cats are off limits. The book fills us in on the events from the previous book, where her husband was killed by the lions.

I wonder if I would have connected with her even more if I'd been there with her. I didn't connect much with the other characters. That may have been true even if I'd read the first book, but I'm not sure. I kept being told that people were acting out of character, but I didn't know them well enough to see for myself.

They worked well enough, but it could have been better if they'd been a bit more real to me. I don't know if I would have been more easygoing if I hadn't been reading with reviewing in mind. I might go back and read the first book. I'd certainly pick up the next one! Sep 19, Anita rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , animals-endanged-species , zookepers-mysteries , zoos-fiction , vancouver-washington-fiction , iris-oakley-fictional-character. Although part of the Iris Oakley zookeeper mystery series, I find that they can each be enjoyed on their own.

If you like animal settings - especially zoo types - you will most likely get a special kick out of these mysteries. Iris can be annoying, but she does grow on you; some of the characters introduced here will be found in later books I didn't read in order , so try to keep them straight, especially as they change as the series progresses. Back to "Did Not Survive" - it is prett Although part of the Iris Oakley zookeeper mystery series, I find that they can each be enjoyed on their own.

Ann Littlewood

Back to "Did Not Survive" - it is pretty fast moving tale. Also enjoyable for the 'behind the gate' facts on zoo workings.

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Iris is a working single soon-to-be-mom who has been widowed by her husband's death at the paws of zoo animals. This is one part of the storyline that is hard for me to take, I mean, if you were young and married and newly pregnant do you think you would keep working at the death scene? Author Littlewood partially explains this by indicating the marriage was in trouble and that Iris is such a dedicated animal lover, but it still feels kind of fakey to me.