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Publishing: Everything the Indie Author Needs to Know about ISBNs for Self-published Books

Experienced self-publishers all agree that the best place to start is online. There is a great deal of information now available to help guide the new self-publisher though the challenges of editing, promotion, and so on, much of it excellent. There are groups on Facebook and other social networks, and a variety of books and blogs that can give you a start such as those written by Aukes and Gaughran. Face-to-face contact also helps.

5 Top Tips for Ebook formatting

And be serious about your goals as an author. A lot of people are not very good at catching all those little errors. There are a number of tools available. Two that seem most often cited by experienced indie publishers are Vellum , Mac software that helps you format and produce both ebooks and print books, and Draft2Digital , an ebook distributor that offers free formatting.

E-book or “Real” Book – Which Should You Publish First?

And as with editing, you can also hire someone to do the formatting for you. That can get you into a lot of trouble. Aukes tried creating her own covers when she first started, and soon gave up.

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So how do you find editors and cover artists? A good place to start is to ask around among your contacts in online self-publishing groups, conventions, and meetups. There is the Editorial Freelancers Association , which offers both lists of freelancers and advice on rates and other hiring considerations. There are also sites that offer access to vetted lists of professionals, such as Reedsy.

Cover artists, says Rogers, are available online via a simple search. However, as with any venture, you need to be cautious. Gaughran warns against trying to cut corners by using a company that claims to do everything for you for a few thousand dollars. How do you sell it? Well, one place to start is Amazon, the ten-pound gorilla in the publishing universe. Authors whose books are part of Kindle Unlimited earn royalties based on the number of pages read and the amount of money in a global fund.

And because Kindle Unlimited is very popular, it can be an important source of income for self-publishers. KDP Select, the more lucrative program, requires you to give Amazon exclusive rights to digitally distribute your book. That means you cannot distribute your book digitally anywhere else, including on your website, blogs, or other ebook stores.

Aukes suggests that beginners might want to start with KDP Select and then look around. There are a lot of books out there. And so once your books are on sale, you have to make sure that people can find them and read them — and, hopefully, ask for more. This is often referred to in the self-publishing community as visibility. One popular site, BookBub , helps readers find books through recommendations, updates from favorite authors, and other means; it also offers marketing tools to authors such as book launches, preorders, and promotions. Book Funnel and MailChimp both offer help with promotional mailing lists, an important way for independent authors to sell their works.

There are also sites for reading enthusiasts where you can join discussions and otherwise promote your book, such as Goodreads. All you have to do with Draft2Digita l is click a box and it automatically generates these pages for you, ie, TOC, copyright page; a dedication page, About the Author page, etc.

Now my books can be found on all these other outlets, in addition to Google Play, although Amazon still accounts for the biggest chunk of my ebook sales for fiction. See more detail about this in 10 here. D2D makes it easy to create audio books too. Many self-publishers say this is a growing part of their income. So go at your own pace. And guess what, my ebook sales still FAR surpass my paperback sales.

But this is something I was ready to do — and can now afford to do now — so I started doing it. I like that D2D keeps you updated on where your book is in the publishing process with each vendor. I uploaded my first book on November 3, and the next day I received the following notice …. Within 24 hours, it was already live on Kobo, and had been submitted to all the other outlets.

The 3 Major Ebook Formats

One of the things that helps users find books on sites like Amazon is keywords, which I use in my titles, eg, Priced Out of Love: A Multicultural Romance. Our sales channels have asked us not to send certain material to them. As a result, we cannot send this book to the following sales channel until you have corrected the matter:.

Metadata Issue: There is an issue with your metadata that prevents distribution. The reviewer included the following note:.

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  • Publishing: Everything the Indie Author Needs to Know about ISBNs for Self-published Books.
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Series information will still be visible to the reader as it is sent to our vendors as Metadata. This is important because it means more sales. As explained in the post I linked to just above about pricing books on D2D:. One of the biggest problems with selling internationally is the high cost of books in other countries related to the cost of books here. So keep this in mind as you upload, ok?

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Sometimes I forget and have to go back and adjust accordingly. You can see sales reports, number of books you have uploaded, where each book is in the publishing process with each outlet — and a whole bunch of other stuff — at the click of a button. I see why indie authors rave about this self-publishing outlet.

This is the part I love the most about D2D. I had no idea how to fix the problem, so I did some research. One of the pieces of advice I kept running into was to use Calibre or Draft2Digital to format your book. FYI, you can take the file you create at D2D and upload it any place you please. It will let you view your file in. I write in Word, and it just takes the file and does its thing.

Why is the penetration of ebooks challenging right now?

This is huge! They pay monthly. I chose the direct deposit route.

Points of interest

I always like to receive payments directly to my bank account where possible because I travel so much. I hope D2D continues to add new outlets. Overall, I have nothing but praise for Draft2Digital. All the good talk online about them has proven to be very true as far as my experience goes. Draft2Digital can help with this. Note: This post was first published in It has been updated and republished. I published my books at here and removed after proving that these people are fraudsters.