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For example, angry might be red or sad might be blue.

Then the child colors in how much of their heart is feeling that emotion right now. This information is then used as a conversation starter. I have also used this in family sessions as a way to promote communication of feelings. What do you think? How do you feel? What are your goals? Autonomy is very important in my work as a counselor and guides me in my practice daily. Our skillful educators are being targeted for unskilled labor jobs. It should not really come as a surprise considering all the cuts to public education made by the NC legislature this session, and I immediately felt outraged.

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Ten years ago, North Carolina ranked 29th in teacher salary. It saddens me to live in a society where teachers are expected to have low-incomes and the idea of a supplemental job is commonplace. However, seeing teachers rally at Moral Monday protests gives me hope. There are tons of compulsive behaviors that people now refer to as addictions such as sex, gambling, shopping, internet, video games, eating, TV, cell-phones, pornography to name a few.

However, calling these behaviors addictions is a relatively new phenomenon.

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I had to learn. Hello in There!

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