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You say you do not bash him down. But you kind of do. No need to get personal and patronize people just to prove ones point.

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There is no right nor wrong. But now I know. There is no way that suits ALL of us, and there ARE supposed to be many different ways in life because there is such a variaty in things here in the world. That having one way of doing things wouldnt be possible in and off itself.

I once myself left an event not his , that I didnt feel was my thing. I just told the teacher it didnt feel right and that it wasnt for me. It wasnt even possible to get a refound. Still though I felt happy for my experience and the nice people I had met during that first day but most of all I was happy for my own guidance sistem that told me which way to go.

People rarely chose to think for themselves these days and also there's a lot of self doubt out there I know because I do. I come from the country that in the previous era it was free and clear from bombardment of advertisers. In one word I walked out on a book written by another famous around the world author and I got no issues with not agreeing with someone on any given topic no matter how famous they are. No one is God here so use your judgement wisely.

I have a 20 year old son who is struggling with low self esteem, procrastination.

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I thought that going through a powerful motivational course might just "awaken" something in him and push him out of his negative state I went through a dark period after losing my mother, sister and sorta got knocked out by life. There is no magic formula, but there are changes you can make that help. It helped me a ton. It could help your son as well. It takes work, and time putting the work in.

But if you do the work, building self-esteem is a side-effect. Great write up. Very insightful coming from someone who is a seasoned entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely respect your opinion of this.

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I believe tony shares some of Abraham Hicks ways to keep people happy excited and uplifted during his seminar. Pray that you find absolute peace and joy and thereafter all other wants in life. God bless. I enjoyed the genuine opinions you've shared about your experience at Tony's seminar. My biggest takeaway is that you were looking for deep, insightful wisdom in the wrong place.

His books, podcasts, videos, and training materials on the website are his preferred mediums for that. The purpose of the live show is to produce a "life-changing experience. He wants you to be awe-inspired, mesmerized and uplifted. He wants you to get outside of your normal frame of reference and the limitations of your day-to-day thoughts and environment, to see past your normal routine, and to inspire you with a kick start of energy so you can blast through the walls you've put up and move into a new headspace.

The shows are a gigantic charge of electricity to kick start your heart and motivate you to begin the process of change. Getting started is the hardest part. The shows are the adrenaline rush, the sensory overload most people need in order to get started in a new direction in their lives. So basically your article is saying, "I walked out of the vegetable garden because they didn't offer the hamburger I was looking for, and you shouldn't waste your time in that garden because it has nothing of value to offer.

The fact that you misunderstood the point of the live shows isn't a shortcoming of Tony's, and it certainly doesn't mean he's a fraud or that he's ineffective or has nothing of value to offer. It just means you showed up for the wrong reasons. This was refreshing and an appreciated perspective. It was an hour long and penetrated my consciousness just enough. After reading your article I find myself wondering where speakers get their motivation and success, truly. Off the emotionally and mentally malnourished? The rich feeding on the poor? Achieving success the way TR has overtime can get to a person. Having to keep up with a lifestyle and a reputation.

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We sell our soul to the devil in the mix of it all. But I digress, thank you for writing this thoughtful article, for your effort and energy, and for taking the time to relay an otherwise unpopular message.

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I did not enjoy it. I think you're brave. You're doing what most of people wouldn't do. After all it's your experience. I think you came to the seminar, took in just the amount you needed, then left when you were full of the catalysts of change you were seeking. Then you planned and enjoyed an empowering day of enjoyment your way. Amazing story. Simple You came, you saw, you left when you got what you needed, you implemented the things you learned where you could, you enjoyed a nice mini vacation.

I get it. I like your take on his overall experience. I get that people can become heavily invested in all the ways possible - time, money, effort, emotion etc. But I'm confident that even TR himself would admit, in his most honest moments, that it's not going to work for everyone, in spite of their being fully committed and genuinely well intended. It would be nice if we allowed for the devotees, the skeptics and those on the fence room enough to all have a say. Buddy respectfully if your going to give a negative opinion about someone else's work first look in the mirror.

Oh wait Have you seen your hands? You criticize his clap? Your petty with no reason to be either. You look so weird your photo could go viral for looking like a serial killer be honest. You also clearly don't understand how transformations occur based on your ignorant criticism of an immersion experience. You should feel blessed that your opinion got even a spec of attention because it's half baked.

Try again with some backbone next time. I thought that picture of you was a joke. I'm actually disappointed it wasnt Leave changing lives to those whose lives have proven it. The hypocrisy here is incredible. I hope that nobody ever speaks to you the way you have to him, sounds like you need a lot of love and hugs. Great article, well written. I applaud you for using your inner guidance in meeting your needs.

I almost bought a ticket. Thank you for being the first to share the experiences. Thank you and good luck. I'm 74 and been involved with self improvement stuff most of my life. Tony's is the best I've ever worked with. Anybody can go into a seminar and get nothing out of it, because getting something out it is a skill in itself and you haven't developed that. However, good for you to find alternative things that do work for you. Buy the ticket. You won't regret it, even if others will.