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Je dirai que je suis devenue prestigieuse sans le vouloir. London : Zed Press, , p. Coquery-Vidrovitch, O. Goerg, F. Ballmer-Cao, Thanh-Huyen et al. Bissot, Hugues et Mercier, Francine s. Eveno E. Gueye C.

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Colin, p. Naji J. Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie s. Salouka P.

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Francis B. Dibussi Tande No Turning Back. Ntemfac Ofege Namondo. No Balance. Poems in Honor of Bate Besong. Bill F. Joyce B. Michael A. Emmanuel N. Chia, Joseph C. Linus T.

L'expert, le témoin et le juge dans le procès civil en droits français et anglais

Shadrach A. Myths and Realities in Africa Today. Roselyne M.

Peter W. Godfrey B. Excision : ouvrir les perspectives. Clarifier les lectures. He is collaborating with Prof. Gert Hekma taught sex and gender studies which was gay and lesbian studies back in the eighties and nineties He published profusely on the history and sociology of homo sexuality such as Homoseksualiteit, een medische reputatie , De roze rand van donker Amsterdam ; The pink margin of dark Amsterdam , Homoseksualiteit van tot de moderne tijd , ABC van perversies and coedited The Pursuit of Sodomy , Het verlies van de onschuld.

Procreation and Care in a Globalized World avec Y. Ergas et S. Michel Columbia University Press, Albin Michel, Phillip M. He received his Ph. Springer, Xavier Guchet se consacre depuis aux enjeux philosophiques des nanotechnologies.

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He has recently completed a manuscript that tries to rethink the idea of cosmopolitanism through a critical examination of the failures of top-down universalisms. His current research extends this work by exploring particular areas of especially transnational politics, including human rights, culture, democracy, and representation. Roman Kuhar is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, and teaches courses on gender, sexuality, popular culture and everyday life.

He holds a PhD in sociology and is currently the head of the Department of Sociology and the head of its research unit. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and several books, among others Media Construction of Homosexuality , At the Crossroad of Discrimination , Intimate Citizenship , co-author with A.

Arabisant, il est reconnu pour ses recherches sur les crises et les conflits au Moyen-Orient. Peter Stone teaches and researches in heritage management, interpretation and education at the University of Newcastle.

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In he was archaeological advisor to the UK Ministry of Defence prior to the invasion of Iraq and is currently involved in research into the practicalities and ethics of cultural heritage experts working with the military. Wibo van Rossum is legal sociologist and anthropologist interested in multiculturalism, legal cultures and legal profession. He is interested in cultural diversity conflicts in the area of family law and the increasing tendency to frame multicultural family problems in terms of fundamental human rights freedom of religion, rights of the child.

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