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Tea Leaf Nation Mei Fong.

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The Convention should also explains how to use the World Heritage Fund, how to manage it and under what conditions international financial assistance can be provided. To be included on the World Heritage List, sites must meet some of the following selection criteria.


It is also important the authenticity criterion of the site and the way it is protected and managed. The protection, the management and the site integrity are also important criteria. The mixed sites have, at the same time, an outstanding natural and cultural value. Since , significant interactions between humans and the natural environment have been recognized as cultural landscapes.

World Heritage conservation is an ongoing process. Including a site on the List is not enough if subsequently the site is degraded or if the qualities that initially made it able to be included on the World Heritage List is destroyed by any kind of development project. In practice, countries take this responsibility seriously. Individuals, non-governmental organizations and other groups use to report to the World Heritage Committee possible dangers to a site.

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If the alert is justified and the problem is serious enough, the site will be included on the List of World Heritage in Danger. The World Heritage Fund was created in by the Convention. Other sources of income consist of trust funds that are donated by countries with specific purposes and the income due to sales of publications of the World Heritage.

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International assistance The World Heritage Fund provides assistance in the identification and conservation of World Heritage sites. Preparing, conserving and preserving the World Heritage is expensive and not all requests for international assistance can be answered by World Heritage Fund resources. The World Heritage Committee uses very strict conditions and requires that the requests fit into clearly defined categories: preparatory assistance, technical cooperation, emergency assistance and training.

Educational programs World Heritage Education Program aims at helping schools around the world to include World Heritage information in their education programs and extracurricular activities. The objective is that young people and future leaders can be able to understand and appreciate cultural and natural heritage of outstanding value to humanity.