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I decided to travel there once a week to follow the course. Unfortunately, the first evening I showed up at the wrong place. After waiting for almost an hour I realised that I had gone to the wrong address.

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At that moment I almost decided to drop the whole matter. I was already on my way home when this tiny little voice in my head said: "If you keep giving up like this, you will never get anywhere in life. So I decided to phone my mother from a telephone booth and ask her to look on a map and explain it to me.

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I arrived that evening at the meditation course more than one hour late, but it felt like coming home. That feeling basically never left me. Not only did the meditation techniques of Sri Chinmoy provide a definite sense of happiness, but my life had finally found its meaning in the pursuit of enlightenment or God-realisation, as Sri Chinmoy calls it. Finally all the pieces of my life seemed to fit together!

However, a few days later I had a life-changing experience. I was lying in bed one evening when I suddenly felt a strong presence in my room. I was afraid and stiffened in my bed. Then this presence entered my body and suddenly my world was upside down.

When Our Lives Feel Like a Whirlwind

Something raced from the bottom of my spinal column into my brain and I had an intuitive vision of a huge book, like a medieval Bible. A page of the book was turned and I was completely overwhelmed by an all-knowing feeling. It lasted only moments, but for those moments I understood everything of life and death. Truth filled and fulfilled me to the brim. Then, as suddenly as it had come, everything vanished and I was back in my bed, still uncertain of what had actually happened.

After this experience my meditations became deeper in sudden jumps and by October Sri Chinmoy accepted me formally as his disciple. The day he accepted me I was sitting on a train having by my standards a good meditation, when I saw a double rainbow with predominantly blue colours. I knew then that Sri Chinmoy had accepted me, although outwardly I heard only two days later.

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I am immensely grateful to Sri Chinmoy for reaching out to me in the whirlwind of life. Up to this day I wonder at the seemingly small coincidences that led me eventually to him. The tiny leaflet, the soft voice in my head — I could have missed them so easily! What are they fighting for? The streetwise costumes by Liz Prince may be layered or stripped down. The environment is a shifting one too. Projections turn the back wall into a scabrous one partway through the piece.

Two poles held horizontally at either end dip down or lift high, making the dancers passing between or through them seem to be diving through waves. Eventually, a number of longer poles build a box into which all nine people several times rush, pose as if in a crowded cell, and dash out from it again. A Letter to My Nephew. A white-sheeted cot that is periodically brought in folded; unfolded; left for a while for people to lie, sit, or stand on; then folded up and carried away. The musicians and assorted recorded sounds once: helicopters are terrific at evoking place, mood, and atmosphere.

Disasters and violence—from the Florida hurricane to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia—find their way into the atmosphere via projected words and sentences.

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A loop of a car set on fire plays on a small hanging screen. We hear the third, all-but-forgotten verse of our national anthem, a verse now perceived as racist. Once he gives his orders in the manner familiar to dancers everywhere one-two-three-four, two-two-three-four, three-two-three-four, etc.

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Without warning, the nine, suddenly elegant, pose their way into an adagio of the sort that every ballet teacher includes in a class. David W.

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