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Maximilian] held as certain and not merely as a working hypothesis that St. Francis knew the Immaculate and had made her [the] Cause… of his Order. In ecclesiastical jurisprudence, tradition is not only placed next to the law, but a year-old tradition prevails over any legal prescription contrary to it, and if it reaches years, even norms prohibiting customs, that is to say, contrary traditions, give way to it…. Rightfully, therefore, already then, the Chapter Fathers could base themselves on such a tradition, in this case the cause of the Immaculata in the Order, and choose the Immaculata as principal Patroness of the Order.

In his letter to the seminarians, St. Francis of Assisi as a pillar upholding the Church of St. John Lateran of Rome, representing the universal Church. There is, apparently, a spiritual itinerary that must be undertaken by the Church with her members, oriented toward and ultimately finding her fulfillment in Christ her Head. In a certain sense, it is oriented toward the ideal that characterized the life of the early Church as described in the Acts of the Apostles cf.

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Acts ; The progression along this itinerary is what St. Or, better, the mystery is as a fire, not only revealing itself to the human heart and guiding it, but all the while enkindling and transforming that heart into the likeness of the Immaculate Heart.

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First, the truth of the Immaculate Conception had to be more plainly manifested and professed by the whole Church first page. For this reason, the practice of Marian consecration according to Kolbe centers about the mystery of the Immaculate Conception, which is the basis for her universal mediation of grace. In the primitive statute of the M. Rather, he is recalling Franciscans—and, by extension, all members of the Church—to reset their sights on the ideal, which is personified in the Blessed Virgin Mary and revealed in a special way in the truth of the Immaculate Conception.

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And, insofar as necessary, he is warning them of the dangers of slipping into a spiritual lethargy should they lose sight of this ideal or, worse, reject it. Fehlner observes:. We cannot fail to grasp why St. The Spirit is so diffused in our hearts because of the prayers and help of Mary Immaculate, the Spouse of the Spirit and Mother of the Church. The parallel between this prediction which St. Maximilian was aware of the Fatima apparitions and message. It is a point of strong evidence indicating that, not only did St. Francis] and adopted it to a contemporary mentality is the martyr, Bl.

Maximilian Kolbe, O. Maximilian to have discovered among these mysteries of faith the analogy explained by him in his writings.

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Maximilian patiently confronted serious opposition and misunderstanding from within his own ranks as he strove to expound and advance this cause. The following passage from Fr. Domanski, a contemporary of St. Maximilian who was a student of his thought, is telling:.

In most cases, some years are necessary in order to understand in-depth the ideal of the Militia of the Immaculate.

The first reaction, as soon as one begins to understand something, is often negative. How Fr. Alphonsus, the brother of the Founder of the Militia, struggled, and he was a Conventual Franciscan! And [St.

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Louis] Grignion [de Montfort]? Our Father St.

Francis was another Christ without this, even though he knew and loved Our Lady immensely! What more can there be, then, for me? Apply myself on a unknown way that exceeds my powers and is contrary to what I have lived up to now? For them Maximilian and his followers the latter is their ordinary life!

An unfathomable abyss! Nevertheless, when Fr.

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Alphonsus considered this problem with greater peace of mind, it dawned on him that, to understand Fr. Having been won over to the cause of the Immaculate, Fr. Alphonsus died a holy death a short time afterward, on December 3, Let us devote ourselves to her completely without any limitation, to be her servants, her children, her unconditional possession and her property, so as to become, somehow, herself living, speaking, acting in this world. It is in this way, St. Maximilian envisions, that the era of the Immaculate will hasten to its fulfillment in her Son, as His throne is established in those same hearts dedicated to her.

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But why does Our Lady want to make use of us to advance her cause? He envisioned such an age as unfolding in a time posterior to his own day. A Conventual Franciscan by the name of Fr. Filippo Rossi published a work in illustrating how the newly declared dogma of the Immaculate Conception is the crowning glory of what was set in motion by St. Fehlner demonstrates that St. Most widely held works by Maximilian Kolbe.

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