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What do you think? Leave a respectful comment. Close Comment Window. By — Victoria Fleischer Victoria Fleischer. Leave a comment. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The kitchen became edgy for a moment and then it passed, the edginess, that is along with the moment: both were moved along to the area of Past Experiences and form there shunted into The Forgotten. By — Victoria Fleischer Victoria Fleischer vlfleischer.

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Politics Jun 29 DMZ diplomacy? I was in first grade: Bus, bus, wait for us, We are going to school And we know the rule. Lucky for all of us I have forgotten the rest.

Tails sassy-saucy, Drakes busy-bossy, Down to the pond For a quick-quack-snack. We watch in wonder From below. Origami Neck is folded. All that we can do? Behold it.

For America’s most beloved poet, paying attention to nature is a springboard to the sacred.

Angel wings Of purest white. Perfect flyer. Perfect flight.

Mother Nature, Father Time~by rldubour | OUR POETRY CORNER

There are white-haired poets who farm; Curly-haired poets who alarm The ladies, and howl at the moon. Am I the wrong shape, the wrong age, The wrong size, the wrong gender, Or have you just not gotten down to the Ys yet?

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The River The slow Connecticut, clean enough for sweet salmon to run its course again snakes through greening grass banks unstartled by spring. We drive across macadam bridges, River Road to River Road, over a millenium of winding water never getting wet.

Here's a look at the narrow band of verse that pays tribute to dads.

Is progress counted in the distance we travel or the distance we still have to go? The skies are clear of pterodact, A very sorry dino fact. No more velociraptor gnashes, No more allosaurus crashes.

No more pounding thunder feet Of Rex on his revolting beat. Oh dinosaur, oh dinosaur, There are no dinos any more. Look at the world through metaphor, seeing one tree in terms of another. Let two words bump up against another Or seesaw on a single line. Tell the truth inside out Or on the slant. Remember that grammar can be a good friend And a mean neighbor.