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They laughed as we kept turning pages to count monkeys … only to find other animals instead. On the first page, we find a king cobra, who has scared away the monkeys. On the next page we find two mongoose who have scared away the cobra, followed by three crocodiles, and so on. Older preschoolers will appreciate the hilarious pictures and unique humor.

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Ten Black Dots , by Donald Crews. This is a classic that everyone who teaches counting should own.

We love the bold, simple illustrations created with a series of black dots. This is a sweet book about a monkey named Mimi and her grandma who count all day long — from one dumpling Mimi to ten teddy bears at bedtime. Both my Two and Four liked this one. If your child is a big fan of Click, Clack, Moo and the other books in that collection, be sure to get this simple counting and rhyming book featuring the same lovable characters.

Feast for 10 , by Cathryn Falwell. I adore this simple counting book in which a mother takes her five kids grocery shopping, works with them to prepare the meal, and welcomes their grandparents to a special dinner. I love the collage illustrations and the depiction of a big, loving family. Museum 1 2 3 , by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a gorgeous picture book that your preschooler is sure to love.

How many trapeze artists perform for the crowd? Kids can also turn the page and find that same number of objects featured in four more paintings. A stunning book! This is a beautifully simple book done in watercolor. There are no words — only a single number and gradually more elaborate illustrations on each page. I like that each page has many different things to count 3 buildings, 3 flowers, 3 boats, 3 butterflies, etc. Poor little lion cub!

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He wants to find a friend to play with, but his roar frightens all the grassland animals away. We like the rhythmic text and the endearing illustrations. One Duck Stuck , by Phyllis Root. And now my youngest two, also ages two and four, love it as well. Who can help?

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The duck stays stuck in the muck. Dinner at the Panda Palace , by Stephanie Calmenson. Panda greets the animal guests at his restaurant. However, my Four loved the story and the funny illustrations. We enjoyed this beautiful, captivating book about a group of Maasai children who count through the grasslands of Tanzania.

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Counting Crocodiles , by Judy Sierra. The rhymes are somewhat awkward, and the story is odd. The book is about a clever monkey who wants to leave her island and cross the Sillabobble Sea to a banana tree. But the sea is infested with crocodiles! Great book, but I do wish it had numerals in it. This is a bright counting book in which Granny travels around the world, collecting souvenirs as she goes — from one flying carpet in Istanbul to ten llamas from Peru.

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I like the catchy rhymes and the fun geography lesson, but I wish that the book had the numbers in numeral form and not just word form. This is a good choice for little ones who are impatient during read alouds; the story is quick, and the pictures will keep their attention. But can we count the rowdy goats careering round in cars?

This Jazz Man , by Karne Ehrhardt. Try singing this verse:. This jazz man, he plays six, He plays solos with his sticks, With a Bomp-bomp! Give the man a hand, This jazz man beats with the band. City by Numbers , by Stephen T. We enjoyed this wordless book featuring photo-realistic paintings of New York City sights. My Four loved it. One, Two, Skip a Few!

If you teach kindergarten or first grade, I recommend writing one of the rhymes on large chart paper and using it for shared reading. Ten Flashing Fireflies , by Philemon Sturges.

What a neat book! Each book features a vivid linoleum-block print to highlight a number from Both my kids and I loved the animal pictures. We counted 1 rhinoceros horn, 2 camel humps… all the way up to 20 barnacle shells on a humpback whale.

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Love it! Counting Wildflowers , by Bruce McMillan. Each page features wildflowers, with the corresponding number in bold print and a series of dots below the picture. This is a great book for reinforcing color names, too.

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