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Be extremely cautious when placing your hands, fingers or feet between two objects. If you are within a pinch point, consider alternative ways to get the task done.

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If there is no other way to complete the task, make sure that all moveable parts are immobilized before continuing to work. Do not operate machinery without the proper guarding equipment in place. If you need to perform repairs or adjustments to the guards themselves, replace them before using the machinery again.

Never use your feet to brace, force or chock objects. Wear appropriate gloves for the task at hand. They will serve as protection against injuries, but ill-fitting gloves may be an additional hazard if they get caught in equipment. Watch out for rolling hazards by blocking wheels on equipment and trucks to prevent unwanted movement.

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Watch out for crushing dangers—if you work under a truck or other machinery, make sure the jacks are secure. Refrain from wearing jewelry or loose clothing, and always tie long hair back.

These items can get caught in moving parts. Know how to turn off equipment immediately in case of an emergency. Information provided by CHS Insurance.


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Comments Blog post currently doesn't have any comments. Leave comment. Often times it is not the obvious pinch points that injure a person such as a conveyor belt or a piece of moving machinery. Many times tasks as simple as shutting a truck door will end up in a pinch point injury due to a person not paying attention to where their hands are.

It is important to not get complacent and monitor where your hands are when you complete any task. Need a longer hand safety presentation?

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Sign Up for the Email List. Safeguards to Avoid Pinch Points Eliminate the hazard by ensuring proper guarding is in place. Pay attention to where your hands are around any moving parts or any objects that have the potential to move.

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  • Do not place your hands where you cannot see them. When working on equipment or machinery ensure they are properly locked out and tagged out to prevent unexpected start up.

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    Properly block any equipment or parts where stored energy could be released. When working with others make sure to communicate to let each other know if you are out of the line of fire before moving objects or starting up equipment.