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Refers to Chem- nitz, Pl. Type Oliva subulata Lamarck, RR; Mar- tini, Pl. Indian Ocean, Oliva utriculus Lamarck, Refers to Gualtieri, Pl. A; Martini, Pl.

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Nomen du- bium. Oliva auricularia Lamarck, Oliva testacea Lamarck, Mexican coast. Oliva hiatula Lamarck, Junior secondary homonym and synonym of Voluta hiatula Gmelin, Type species of Agaronia Gray, Type species through its ju- nior homonym: Oliva patula Sowerby, of Scaphula Swainson, RV b. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Villa Gesell, in shallow water on sand.

P-Q; Martini, Pl. Indian Ocean, coast of Java etc. Type species of Anazola Gray, RV f. Oliva ancillaria Lamarck, Oliva fabagina Lamarck, Oliva conoidalis Lamarck, Ocean des Antilles. Oliva undatella Lamarck, Organic remains of a former world. Acapulco [Mexico].

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Type species of Strephonella Dall, An examination of the mineralized remains of the Not Buc- cinum glabratum Linnaeus, Not in Olivoidea. Probably Eocene. Essex, England. Ancilla fasciata Perry, Pl. Nomen dubium, figure unidentifiable1.

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Ancilla pallida Perry, Pl. New Holland.

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Ancilla fulgens Perry, Pl. South Seas. Ancilla maculata Perry, Pl. Type species of Strephonella Dall, Nomen dubium, figure unidentifiable. Oliva eburnea Lamarck, Refers to Martini, Ancilla lineata Perry, Pl. La Mer de Espagne. West Indies. Oliva porphyracea Perry, Pl.

Oliva leveriana Perry, Pl 41 fig. Oliva zigzag Perry, Pl. Oliva subviridis Perry, Pl. Conchiologia fossile subapennina, con osservazioni geologiche sugli Apennini e sul suolo adjacente, 2: Oliva nana Lamarck, Piemonte, Italy. Oliva zonalis Lamarck, Acapulco, Mex- ico. Oliva oryza Lamarck, Oliva plicaria Lamarck, Environs de Bordeaux. Oliva clavula Lamarck, The name Ancilla Sparella fasciata Reeve, must take precedence over A.

Sowerby, , Pl. Barton Beds, Bartonian, Middle Eocene.

Ancilla turritella J. Voluta ventricosa Dillwyn, Type species of Carmione Gray, Mozambique, Beira. Vers Intestines: Chemnitz, Pl. Illustration of Ancilla buccinoides Lamarck, given. A descriptive catalogue of Recent Illustration of Ancilla canalifera Lamarck, with particular attention to the synonymy. Vol II: 1- Illustration of Ancilla olivula Lamarck, Refers to Chem- Pl.

Illustration of Ancilla subulata Lamarck, nitz, Pl. Coasts of Type species of Pseudoliva Swainson, ; Milne-Edwards, Illustration of Ancillaria candida Lamarck, Copen- Lamarck, Illustration of Ancilla cinnamomea Dactylus Schumacher, Not in Olivoidea but in Lamarck, Acteonidae Mollusca: Gastropoda. Oliva aurantiaca Schumacher, Refers to Marttini, Pl. A descriptive catalogue of Recent Oliva brasiliensis Schumacher, Vol I: Junior Voluta cruenta Dillwyn, Ambon, Isle of primary homonym of Ancilla maculata Perry, Refers to Chemnitz, fig. Q; Knorr, Pl. Mindanao [Philppines] and the Molucca Islands.

Saggio di orittografia Piemontese. F; Martini, Pl. Torino Mio- cene. Ancillaria inflata Borson, , Pl. Cassel, Ger- many. The Mineral Conchology of Great Bri- siles, et autres coquilles qui les accompagnent, des tain, 3: , Plates Hampshire, England. Eburna balteata Sowerby, Eburna plate figs and accompanying text. Unknown locality. Type species of Rupertia Gray, Oliva obtusaria Lamarck, Oliva zeilanica Lamarck, Oliva nebulosa Lamarck, SAY, T. An account on some of the marine shells of the United States.

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 2: , , Eburna balteata Sowerby, Aruba, S coast. Oliva mutica Say, The specific characters of several undescribed shells. The Mineral Conchology of Great nals of Philosophy No locality of publication and authorship, please refer to Wright given. Sowerby, 37, Pl. Ju- nior primary homonym of Ancilla subulata Lamarck, Renamed Ancillus systolostoma Chavan, Isle of Wight, Christchurch, Hampshire, Eng- land. QUOY, J.

Oliva picholina Brongniart, 63, Pl.

Torino, Italy. Quar- terly Journal of Science, Literature, and the Arts Oliva clavula Basterot, 42, Pl. Oliva clavula Lamarck, ; renamed Oliva subclavula Or- bigny, Oliva dufresnei Basterot, 42, Pl. Ancillaria canalifera Basterot, Not Ancilla can- alifera Lamarck, ; renamed Ancillaria subcanalifera Orbigny, Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles Strasbourg- Paris. Vicinity of Beauvais, France. Emended to Olividae Latreille, Collection de M.

Hardouin Michelin. Coquilles fossiles du Bassin parisien. Oliva marmini Michelin, figs. Val- fig. Oliva biplicata Sowerby, Type species of Callianax mondais, Val-d'Oise, France. A catalogue of the shells con- tained in the collection of the late Earl of Tankerville, Oliva columellaris Sowerby, xxxiv.

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No locality arranged according to the Lamarckian conchological given. Type species of Pachyoliva Olsson, A monograph of the genus Ancillaria, Oliva hiatula var. Quarterly Ancillaria aperta Sowerby, xxxii. No locality Journal of Science, Literature, and the Arts given. No locality Ancillaria effusa Swainson, No loc- given. Ancillaria albifasciata Swainson, East In- dies. Ancillaria fulva Swainson, Ancillaria variegata Swainson, East Indies.

Ancillaria obtusa Swainson, Cape of Good Hope. Ancillaria tankervillii Swainson, Oliva splendidula Sowerby, Panama, Pedro Gonzalez Is- land. Oliva patula Sowerby, xxxiii. Type spe- cies of Scaphula Swainson, Junior synonym of Oliva auricularia Lamarck, For a photograph of the type species, please refer to that taxon. Oliva biplicata Sowerby, xxxiii. West coast of North America. Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, by shrimper boat, depth m, Ancillaria rubiginosa Swainson, Junior sec- ondary homonym of Ancilla rubiginosa Swainson, Ancillaria balteata Swainson, Red Sea.

Junior secondary homonym and junior synonym of Eburna balteata Sowerby, Ancillaria nivea Swainson, Zoolo- 4: [], i-vii, No cent.