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If you want to be able to reference a print edition at your leisure, one of my favorites is "Little Worlds" Amazon. This anthology has 31 short stories for students. Their lengths vary. They aren't all as short as the ones on this page. Part 1 has 14 selections divided by the usual story elements.

Part 2 has another 16 stories. Here are some short stories that deal with themes and subject matter appropriate for high school students. Many of these stories can be read quite quickly so they make for great discussion topics in class. A woman is given the news that her husband has been killed in a railroad accident.

In the next hour, she experiences a range of emotions as she contemplates her life. Read "The Story of an Hour" 1, words. A doctor makes a house call on a sick young girl. She has hidden the severity of her symptoms and resists the examination. Read "The Use of Force" 1, words. A mother imparts advice to her daughter on how to behave and how to be a woman. Read "Girl" words. An armed man enters a barbershop for a shave. The barber recognizes him; they are on opposite sides of some kind of political conflict that has turned violent. He has to decide what he will do with this opportunity.

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Read "Lather and Nothing Else" 1, words. A king wants the answers to what he considers to be the three most important questions. His experience with a wise hermit gives him the answers he seeks. Read "Three Questions" 1, words. It once occurred to a certain king, that if he always knew the right time to begin everything; if he knew who were the right people to listen to, and whom to avoid; and, above all, if he always knew what was the most important thing to do, he would never fail in anything he might undertake.

A corrupt mayor goes to an unlicensed dentist for treatment of an abscessed tooth. The dentist refuses to help, and they have a hostile exchange. Read "One of These Days" words. An old man sits at the side of a country road during the Spanish civil war. Everyone is fleeing the area, and although he has already traveled 12 kilometers, he is too exhausted and distracted to continue. Read "Old Man at the Bridge" words. In a train carriage in Italy during WW1, several passengers talk about their sons who have been sent to war.

They argue over who among them feels the most grief. Some of the themes in War include sacrifice, patriotism, and intellectualizing our emotions. A man is packing his suitcase to leave home for good. He and his wife have an argument that escalates quickly. This is an example of a minimalist story, stripped down and without judgment, leaving readers to interpret for themselves. Michael Obi is appointed headmaster of an African school. He and his wife are eager to modernize it and educate the locals, ridding them of their superstition.

Obi restricts access to the school grounds even though the use of a path running through is very important to local religious beliefs. Read "Dead Men's Path" 1, words.


10 Short Stories by Men All Men Should Read

Nancy was downcast. For a few minutes she became skeptical about the new school; but it was only for a few minutes. Her little personal misfortune could not blind her to her husband's happy prospects. A husband and wife are doing the dishes together when the question of interracial marriage arises.

They have different views on the subject. The husband wants to drop it, but the wife wants to talk it out.

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The narrator is educated, weak, and Jewish; he knows he won't be readily accepted by the soldiers. He has to find a way to fit in. Read "My First Goose" 1, words. A marshal handcuffed to a prisoner boards a train and sits across from a beautiful woman. She recognizes the marshal, and they catch up with each other.

Read "Hearts and Hands" words. Marc and Alice are out for supper when he sees his ex-wife seated nearby. They talk about his ex and their new happiness. Read "The Other Wife" 1, words.

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  • The announcement of a new headmaster puts a female teacher in a haze. He had been her private tutor many years ago and had taken advantage of the relationship. Read "The Answer Is No" 1, words. Marta, a nineteen-year-old, lets herself fall off a skyscraper balcony after looking at the rich, important people in the city.

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    Read "The Falling Girl" 1, words. In ten years of taking evening walks, Leonard Mead has never met up with another person; it's common for everyone to stay inside and watch television. He is spotted by the police and approached. Read "The Pedestrian" 1, words. Ethel and Rupert have five sons. Read "Skipper" 1, words. A city is surrounded by a wall shaped like an orange. The leader finds out that the neighboring city, Kwan-Si, is going to build a wall shaped like a pig.

    Since a pig can eat an orange, the citizens are worried that their city will suffer and Kwan-Si will prosper. Life was full of symbols and omens. Demons lurked everywhere.

    Death swam in the wetness of an eye, the turn of a gull's wing meant rain, a fan held so, the tilt of a roof, and, yes, even a city wall was of immense importance. At a dinner party, a spirited discussion breaks out over whether women can keep calm in a crisis.

    A holiday read - 12 Days of Stories, Day 2: A seasonal love story

    Read "The Dinner Party" words. While reading a paperback novel, the narrator discovers an alien threat to Earth. The author casually describes beings with inhuman abilities. Chaim the carpenter returns to his town. He is barely recognizable. He is the first Jew to return since the occupation. Others soon follow. The narrator remembers a feeling from her childhood when she was unselfconscious about her body and appearance. They decide to read some of her old letters, which reveals an old secret. In ancient China, Emperor Yuan is relaxing when a servant excitedly gives him the news that a man was seen flying with wings.

    Read "The Flying Machine" 1, words. A local despot proclaims that all aged people are to be put to death. A poor farmer prepares to let his mother die in a humane way — by bringing her to a mountain and leaving her there.

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    Read "The Aged Mother" words. They keep crashing in, and high tide is approaching. Read "The Wave" 1, words.