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As far as we know, it didn't show the RSnow at an auto show, though. The all-new Rogue Warrior is a different story, making its debut at the Montreal show, which seems the perfect venue for a crossover made for snow. Each track measures 30 x 48 x 15 in H x L x W, 76 x x 38 cm and helps give the crossover 23 inches 58 cm of ground clearance.

Quebec's Motorsports in Action MIA performed the conversion, which also includes suspension modifications, small body adjustments around accommodating the tracks, and the addition of custom snow guards. Beyond that, it's a stock AWD Rogue on snow treads. Nissan says that the Xtronic transmission is really in its element within the conversion, using its wide gear ratio range and rapid shifts at high throttle openings for sharp on-snow performance.

‘Fragments’ is strong debut for Rogue Theater Company | Ashland Tidings

It's clearly not as freeing as a traditional sit-atop snowmobile, but there's certainly something to be said for frolicking through the snow from the comfort of a heated cabin. The Rogue Warrior is a one-off prototype designed to highlight the Rogue, Nissan's best-selling vehicle in Canada, and advertise Nissan's greater "Conquer all Conditions" crossover family, which also includes the Pathfinder, Murano and Juke.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Rogue Warrior action, though. Source: Nissan. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search. Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. The Rogue Warrior gets to work. View 34 Images. We're not sure if it's quicker, but it sure looks like a more fun way up the slopes. Nissan and its partner Motorsports in Action developed a fully-tracked Rogue.

The modified Rogue has 23 inches of ground clearance. Nissan says the Rogue Warrior can perform in a variety of terrain, but it's clearly most at home in snow. Nissan is showing the Rogue Warrior at the Montreal auto show.


Another major advantage to XRLs is that you have instant fans, other people who enjoy both roguelikes and that same IP. A number of my core supporters today are the same people who followed my early work on X COM. Doing this will probably net you some good feedback, which is valuable for the long term. Even before your first release, even with just a concept, and long after that, try participating in our weekly sharing threads in the RoguelikeDev subreddit.

You can literally post about how your week was hell at work and you barely got anything done, and in the process make friends with others in the same boat. Or you can talk about the cool new feature you added or are thinking about. Or share funny bugs.

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  • Rogue is the last Southern Belle you’d want coming after you!.

Anything, really! A public place. Accessibility is important. This means sufficient documentation, a tutorial, full mouse support, a tileset, etc. To demonstrate how valuable mouse support and a tileset can be, check out these player stats from Cogmind:. Some of my friends and I have been watching GSG for a while now.

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This article is just what I needed to commit to my year RL dream ascended twice in Nethack 3. Sorry, Tiger -- I have to go now and buy your game. Hey Simon, thanks and good luck with that dream! A first win in NetHack is quite a feat! Great post! Ah, you mean the code portion of the title screen?

Before coming up with this one I used to design a new theme every year or two, but this one has really stuck. Your email is never published nor shared. Only the anti-spam entry is required. See here for the privacy policy. Sign me up for the newsletter. Grid Sage Games. Official development blog. Ready, set,! Sample python code from the libtcod tutorial. A sampling of programming languages used by roguelike developers. Building onto your roguelike core, piecemeal style.

More pieces!

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Visualizing the Core Mechanic as a foundation for roguelike design. Knight 7DRL. Broken Bottle 7DRL. Drakefire Chasm 7DRL. Cogmind 7DRL Mage Guild. The Ground Gives Way. Feature samples found in the interactive libtcod demo. FAQ Friday topics RogueBasin Articles table of contents. Roguelike Radio topic list Roguelike development assets :P. Sample 2D roguelike tilesets. Roguelike tileset demos by their respective artists.

Brainstorming potential themes for roguelikes.

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Lone Spelunker. Pirate Rogue concept art. Armoured Commander. Armoured Commander in Rock, Paper, Shotgun. A partial list of XRLs. RogueBasin release announcements history. Come share with us! Five years of blog posts from Grid Sage Games. Bookmark the permalink.


From the early 90s until this point, one could describe her as an emotional mess with a temper. Having been able to outsmart Wolverine in his own element showed she was ready to lead the X-Men. In an Avengers vs. Rogue won the fight, but it came at a heavy cost as she witnessed first-hand what Magik and the rest of Phoenix 5 were capable of. While entertaining enough, it was never to the death. Both being manipulated by the classic X-Men villain the Shadow King, the two seemed to enjoy their dust-up more than anything.

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Get a room, you two. At this point in time, Rogue is a full-fledged bad-guy, and not just misguided. Rogue consciously makes the decision to be the person she is. This type of bullheadedness combined with her natural mutant power of absorption and the strength and speed of Ms. Later, she and the rest of the Brotherhood of Mutants do get their comeuppance when Iron Man and the other Avengers step in. During the Avengers Vs.