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The author known by the initials RHJ put a dramatic challenge to listeners in His claim was so sensational, so audacious, so begging of argument that one immediately wants to dismiss it. But for one thing: It works.

RHJ's little pamphlet, It Works , has sold more than 1. Many students of visionary mystic Neville Goddard consider Resurrection his greatest book. First published in , just six years before the master's death, Resurrection contains five powerful, practical works that describe how to use the imaging powers of your mind to remake reality.

But Resurrection offers much more - the closing essay, for which the anthology is named, is one of Neville's final and most ambitious works. Do you sense the existence of a greater power inside you?

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You are right. You will discover your true potential in this unique abridgement of the masterwork of higher living: Joseph Murphy's The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. This thorough but compact condensation exposes you, in an unforgettable 40 minutes, to the methods, principles, and exercises you can use right now to harness your subconscious mind for achievement, wellness, and success. Writer and scholar Manly P.

Hall is one of the most significant names in the study of the esoteric, symbolic, and occult. His legendary book The Secret Teachings of All Ages has been an underground classic since its publication in A key figure in the metaphysical movement known as New Thought, Florence Scovel Shinn has influenced many modern spiritual leaders, including Dr.

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Wayne Dyer, Dr. Through stories of real-life situations and biblical tenets, Shinn teaches that the empowering use of positive attitude and affirmations can create a path to wealth, good health, and loving relationships.

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Intuition, love, and prosperity can expand through intentional thoughts and prayer. Your imagination will work out the means to realize your dream while your conscious mind sleeps. Bring your five senses into play as you perform your imaginal activity. Actually hear a friend's voice congratulating you or feel yourself hugging that person.

If you wanted a new piano, run your hand over the smooth wood, touch the keys, and listen to the sound. If you want to receive a dozen roses, actually smell the fragrance and touch their velvety petals. Sometimes, intensity of desire can actually turn away your good because it suggests faith only in yourself and not in the higher power which has created you. It is hard for the driven person to accept the Biblical suggestion to 'Have no thought for the morrow'.

Yet instead of madly pursuing something night and day it is much more efficient to have a relaxed knowledge that the achievement you desire is pulling you towards it. Be clear about what you want and then have the faith that it will come. Employ what she calls the occult law of indifference: "Your ships come in over a don't care sea. We can read as much as we like about prosperity thinking and make affirmations, but this is only 'armchair faith', Scovel Shinn says, until we act prosperously in real life.

She recounts the story of a woman who desired to send her two daughters to college but clearly did not have the money. However, against her husband's objections that the idea was unreasonable she went ahead with plans for their enrolment, stating that "some unforeseen good" would happen. As it happened, a rich relative sent her a some of money which covered all tuition costs for the girls. Doubt, worries and living in the past only buttress the walls around your Jericho.

Intuition While Scovel Shinn describes prayer as "telephoning to God", intuition, she says, is "God telephoning you". Some people are careful reasoners, relying only on the intellect to solve a problem. They "weigh and measure the situation like dealing in groceries", but the solutions they come up with far from perfect. How often do we wish that we had gone with our hunch on an issue. At Christmas time a house can be filled with presents, but none are felt to be quite right for the receiver. Consumption without intuition is inevitably wasteful. Asking for guidance, the author says, "always saves time and energy and often a lifetime of misery.

Scovel Shinn mentions Henry Ford, who never gave up on his feeling that the motor car could be for everyone. Despite his boss and his father thinking it a crazy idea, he persevered, hearing only the voice inside him that said "Do it".

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When you come to a fork in the road, follow the voice of intuition. If it is God's role to give us hunches, it is ours to be awake to them and not waste them. Relieved of the burden Many times in your life you will feel overwhelmed. This is the perfect time to practice faith over fear.

With a timeless message and the ability to explain success principles and how they work in an entertaining style, her writings are still considered the leaders in prosperity literature today. Shinn as she taught individuals to control conditions and release abundance through a knowledge of Spiritual Law. Get A Copy. Paperback , 90 pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Start your review of The Secret Door to Success. A lost book from on the Law of Attraction. Say to yourself 'What God has done for others, he will do for me and more. Enjoying and taking an interest in your work opens the secret door to your success. Successful men never give up.

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If you think about injustice, you will attract it. The more you resent, you grow a 'resentment track' in your brain, and the more it will be habitual. You may miss the golden opportunities which await you each day. When you pray, act as if you have already received. Have total faith.

Then you step into the arena of life. It is what you do in the arena - and only what you do here - that counts. Keep your possessions. If one door shuts, another opens immediately. If you are noticing failure or hard times, then you must venture to the World of the Wondrous.

Train your inner eye to see through failure and onward to success. Your purse is always jam-packed with money. You are drawing on the bank of imagination, which is limitless. Invest in your empire! The Universe cannot fail, for its ways are ingenious. Do not put limits on the channels. What is the enemy?

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    Acid thoughts produce acid in the body. Love is one of the first laws of hygiene, as well as ethics. Your greatest success will happen when you least expect it. You have to let go long enough for the Law of Attraction to operate. You are demagnetized when you desire something too intensely. You worry, fear, agonize. Aladdin said the word, rubbed the lamp, and the genie simply appeared. If your words are continually clothed in light, you will continually reap gold. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune. For example, a woman in a bookstore once said 'Give me something terribly great, and frightfully exciting.

    Wake up to the divinity within. Ask for a definite, unmistakeable lead. Once rooted, it can never be taken from us. Do not let people rock your boat. Misfortune is the result of not sticking to things.