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Learn to talk like a pilot: Alpha to Zulu

One small note: the VB Victor Bravo coordinates here refer to a map the military uses. The 8 numbers VB , in the report below, signify a more precise location, while the 6 numbers VB , above, refer to a slightly wider area.

LLVI teams scan the airwaves, looking for mobile, radio, and other transmissions. At this point, you can see the reports make a switch: from talking of a missing soldier to information about a captured one. Intelligence about where Bergdahl might be pops up all through these reports, and you get a sense of how quickly the troops were moving to follow different leads.

They are always consumed after each battle, so captains must be aware how they work and how they are obtained. Choosing the right consumables can be the difference between a good game or a great game.


NATO phonetic alphabet online translator

Below are listed Morse Code plus a few phonetic alphabets. Phonetic Alphabet Tables. But while dramatic licence may sometimes see these terms abused, the phonetic alphabet holds vital significance among militaries across the world - and has done for more than six decades.

But Forces. It was created as a standardised way for aircrews around the world to make themselves recognised and understood.

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All flights and planes are given names with identifying letters, but characters such as M and N or D and B can sound very similar, even when said by someone standing right next to you. While not technically a phonetic alphabet which helps individuals in the pronunciations of words , the Nato alphabet meant differences in accents, languages and pronunciations stopped being a problem.

Radio communications have moved on in terms of technical sophistication since then, but the alphabet is still in place in case of confusion, error or bad reception to make sure the correct message is transmitted, received and understood. This also came to be used in civil aviation, but confusion continued, not least by the use of a separate English alphabet in South America.

As an agency of the United Nations, it made sense for the ICAO to create a standardised alphabet, one which — even if made of English words — had sounds common to all languages and so could be spoken and pronounced internationally no matter what nationality the pilot.

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